Bé xì hơi nhiều, mẹ có cần phải lo lắng?

Some infants have normal amounts of air; but they may be more sensitive to gases and require more discharge. You may notice that your baby arches his back or makes a face like he’s trying to go to the bathroom to get him to fart a lot.

4. Constipation causes babies to fart a lot

Newborns are not often constipated; The baby will have soft stools. But some babies who are formula-fed or started on solid foods may become constipated; lead to a baby farting a lot.

Sometimes babies go several days without pooping; especially breastfed babies. If your stools are still soft and moist when you go out, don’t worry. However, dry and hard stools are a sign of constipation in babies.

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5. Baby cries a lot

When your baby is fussy, he may swallow a lot of air. This causes excess gas in the child’s body, so he farts many times as a way to relieve himself.

6. Effects of drugs

If your baby is taking any medications or supplements; If your baby farts many times, it may be because the medicine changes the baby’s digestive process. Even a small change can cause more gas and more gas.

Is it good for babies to fart a lot?

Is it good for babies to fart a lot?
If your baby farts less than 10 times a day, you don’t need to worry too much.

When the baby starts to suckle, the signs of farting also appear. When the baby is full, if the gas is released by burping or farting; Your baby will feel lighter and more comfortable. But is it okay for a newborn baby to fart a lot? How many times is normal?

According to many studies, on average, babies should only fart no more than 10 times per day. If farting happens too much during the day; and sounds louder than usual; or has an unpleasant odor; indicates that the baby is having digestive problems.

The baby’s digestive system is still weak, so it will be extremely difficult to cope with undigested foods. To know if a newborn baby farts a lot; Find out more about things like:

  • Flatulence in infants.
  • Food stagnates in the intestines for a long time, leading to constipation
  • Drinking milk, poor appetite, poor sleep.

If not timely intervention will adversely affect the digestive system as well as the health of the baby. If the mother is still confused, is it okay if the baby farts a lot; Go to the hospital and consult a doctor.

Some parenting solutions to avoid baby farting a lot

1. Take the newborn to see a pediatrician

For children under 6 weeks of age who have a lot of farting and do not have a bowel movement for a few days; Parents should send their children to the doctor right away. Baby farting can be related to a number of health problems such as: high fever, red skin, vomiting of food eaten, bloating or gas, fussiness after eating, or vomiting breastfeeding… Many mothers also have cases where their children are constipated, have hard stools, and have difficulty passing stools.

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