Trẻ sơ sinh bị rụng tóc vành khăn có đáng lo?

How to overcome the condition of newborn baby hair loss

The phenomenon of babies under 6 months of age with more or less hair loss, hair loss in the shape of a scarf or not, mothers do not need to worry too much. This is a natural physiological phenomenon that can only be overcome and limited.

To reduce this phenomenon, the mother should change the lying position when the baby wakes up. Specifically: Put the baby in a lying position when he is awake and when he is playing. After a while, you will see less hair loss.

Never let babies sleep on their stomachs. Around 10 months to 1 year of age, this phenomenon will decrease because the baby has many other lying positions because he has developed more motor skills, rolling while sleeping.

Advice for mothers when taking care of children

With a newborn baby, the mother should not put the baby down too much and also should not let the baby stay at home during the first years of life. Some good times of day such as early morning sunshine or cool afternoon; Mothers let children go out to help them become stronger.

If you want to synthesize vitamin D for your baby by sunbathing, you need to understand that: The best time to sunbathe for children is from 7am to 8am. In the summer, you should sunbathe at 6am to 7:30am. Absolutely do not let children bask in the sun, high and bright, because then the sun contains ultraviolet rays which are very harmful to the baby’s skin and eyes.

Note that children are not allowed to sunbathe behind the glass door. Because at this time, the sunlight will shine on the glass window and reflect at us with a very strong intensity, very dangerous

When babies have a lot of hair loss; mothers should trust that the child does not have rickets or malnutrition; It’s simply because the mother has chosen the best sleeping position for the baby. When the child is older, there is still hair loss; After 2 months of treatment without progress, you need to take your child to see a doctor to find out the specific cause.

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